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We are responsible for the entire complexity of establishing and delivering data: From scoping, logistics, installation and integration, to data processing, operation and maintenance.

The data is delivered on our API, without any installation costs or other up-front costs for you. We take responsibility for the entire process and that it works. That's why we call it hassle-free energy data.


High-quality energy data

We deliver data in real time, with a resolution of up to milliseconds, on buildings as a whole or on individual components. The Smart EO platform processes and quality checks all data,  for all energy sources and loads . The result is quality-assured data, with high accuracy, reliability and precision.


Cost effective

We deliver energy data as a service, at a fixed monthly price. We invest long-term in the necessary infrastructure, and you don't have to deal with the complexity. The result is a more cost-effective solution for data acquisition.

Big data and machine learning provide smarter solutions

Smart EO is hassle-free because you don't have to deal with the complexity of data collection. We use tomorrow's technology to solve today's challenges.

With Smart EO, we solve all challenges you may have related to scoping, installation, operation and maintenance, data structure and delivery of data via API. We achieve this through continuous development of our data solutions. Among other things, we have unique services for data control, washing and disaggregation of electrical energy loads. We use big data and machine learning so that you get high-quality energy data at a reasonable price.


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